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Kia Suism... Singapore style.

I still don't get it. I went shooting on 9th of Jan with my colleagues and was shocked to find long queues at the MRT stations (both at Vivo and later Bedok). Apparently its the first day of the replacement of the new Ezlink card. I thought the exercise is suppose to last till Sept 2009 and even if you missed it. The card can still be refunded with the amount within the 12 year period. So its pure Singapore Kia Suism (scared to loose out to the crowd) at play here.

Another bad encounter was at a restaurant recently which serves bread FOC (think most of you will know which restaurant I'm refering too lah) Some spoilt teenagers brats took a whole basket but never finish it up. Pure Kia Su and being greedy and inconsiderate of loosing out by taking for the sake of taking.

Should send these brats to Burma and Africa and let them see how people are starving. And to those who always waste food and have leftovers. If you get a chance to read this blog. Look at the picture below and wake up. Can't finish that much, just tell the server to give you less. STOP WASTING!

The picture above is taken by Kevin Carter. Who committed suicide 3 months after he took this photo. But apparently due to his financial issue. Nobody really knows the fate of that kid in the photo.


HH said...

I think the Kia Suism is there is because our society has nothing much to look forward to. Thats why people only looking forward to own the latest Hand Phone, new EZ link card, new ipod...etc etc.

This also reflect our society is getting too competitive. Survival of the fittest. Even in school and at work place if you are in Normal Tech then you are seen to be condemned for live.

Our society just cannot accept failure.

Sad. This is what Elitesium is about.

Balonglong said...

add on to my previous comments... The pic really touch my heart! can't imagine if i was there....
To the poor kid....下世希望你能吃的饱,睡的暖....