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Recently looked into my photography dry cabinet and decided to downsize the things i have in it. The main reasons are because I no longer used these lenses as often as I used to.

First to go is my 28mm f2.8 prime. I am still wondering should I keep it for my A100 IR but it just not the correct focal length for landscapes (not wide enough and not tele at 1.5 crop.) And I am using the kit lens 18-70mm which is cheap and good as my main lens for IR nowadays. Already posted an ad on the local forums and see how.

Second to go is the 85mm f1.4 G. Beautiful lens and optics but since I bought the A900 and the 135mm. This gem was in the cabinet for sometime. I don't do studio shots as often nowadays and I have the 24-70mm Zeiss too, which almost cover my studio work. I rather get the 100 Macro if I really need a studio product lens.

The third item is in a dilemma. Its my 70-200mm SSM G. I have a plan to sell this and downgrade to the 75-300 G SSM instead. First, I don't shoot events as often as I used too, so i dun need a 2.8. Second, I am more into landscapes and this lens is good but too heavy to be carried around (I noticed i carried my 135mm more often then this). And thirdly, the amount I could sell could save me some money on other things I wished to buy. Especially if Sony came out some TS lenses next time.
But the dilemma is that I loved this lens. Its has its own characters. hehe. So I think I will keep it for a while.

Other things to go is the Voigtlander VC 35mm Color-Skopar 2.5 Not using this since I got the 40mm Nokton...

I am not attached to most of my gears as others would. (I know some would never sell their camera equipment) But I tend to have this feeling. If the lens is good and I am just hoarding it for the sake of it (and not using it to make good photos). I am not doing justice to the lens or equipment. I rather sell it a cheaper price so people could enjoy it rather then let it rot (grow fungus or dust) in my cabinet. If I need it again.. I just get it from the Internet but for the time being... I guess not :P

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