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Gong Hei "Fak" Choi!!!

Just noticed I have not really wish all a CNY greeting for this year. I was going through my old blog in NAAPL and found this entry by me 4 years ago. Its so good, i decided to post a copy here.

Ok.. its late at night and got nothing to do. So just post this for fun....

1. Go to any Mac Outlet.
2. Depending on your preference. If you prefer a sesame bread. Buy a Mac Chicken. If you prefer a softer bread, you shoud buy a Filet-O-Fish. If you want something really tough and chewy, try a Mac Muffin. Another burger on the menu would do. Especially those with melted cheese. (Hamburger is out though)
3. After the purchase, unwrap the packagin to reveal the burger.
4. Take out the top slice of bread of your burger
5. You can eat the meat or egg or whatever in between. Or you can set it aside for later stage.
6. Roll up your shirt sleeves. (If possible, wear a singlet to cut this step)
7. Raise one of your arm. (Either one would do. Preference is the non master hand)
8. Take the bottom half of the burger (one with the melted cheese) and place it over your armpit.
9. Squeeze and Pull as many "Fak Choi" as possible. REPEAT process if not enough "Fak Choi "
10. If still not enough. Switch arms and repear process 9.
11. Put back the burger on the wrapping.
12. Place the meat or egg (the one on stage 5 above) back on. If not skip this step.
13. Place the top of the bun back.
14. Viola.... You have Mac Fak Choi

Thanks for reading and Gong Xi "Fak Choi" to all.
( Monday, 21 February 2005 )

1 comment:

HH said...

Wah imagine the extra saltness it will add to the Mac Fak Choi...haha..