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Hold IT!

I invested mainly in equities (stocks if you called it). And sorry to sound boastful but I am also proud to say so far my investments are still reaping returns. That is why a lot of my friends or acquaintances look for me for tips and advise at the current situation.

This current economic crisis had took a toll on some of my friends investment portfolios. Some of the stocks in my portfolio also suffered, especially those penny stocks. (I'm so glad!)None of them blames me, but one or two did approached me and asked what they should do. Especially with their banking stocks.

My advise is the given title of this piece. Just HOLD it as long as you can. Remember those investment tips I gave out last time? If you have been following my rules of engaging the stock market and had enough cash on hand. Then just HOLD it. The storm will pass and you will back what you have.

If you have even more cash and you are able to invest more. Then its the time to buy more. Hell, I just bought 2 more lots of DBS last week. You can wait for it to drop further but to me the price is right and there is a supply of seller. And I always do long term. Not short term investments. If it drops further, no one will let go and the price will go up again...

All in all, be confident in what you have bought or researched. If the stocks you have bought were overpriced when you bought it (like SGX at $15!!! why would anybody buy at that price I figure) Then you really really need to buy more at the current price to bring down your average cost.

If not. Just HOLD it and wait till the economy recovers a bit and sell it. And don't get involved in equities again as its not suitable for you. Go buy 4D or toto instead.

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