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Surise at East Coast

I bought some slide films and want to try them out. Never really seriously shoot slides before but I plan to take a few rolls back to Thailand to get some nice landscapes. So I decided to practice a bit before my trip.

I bought various but decided to try the cheapest. Kodak Elite Chrome. Not really that cheap ($7 per roll leh). I packed my Dynax 7 and my A900 (digital) with 2 lenses. The Zeiss 24-70mm and 135mm. Woke up this morning at 5am and cycled to the "6 pipes" at East Coast Park. Reached there a bit early and it was totally dark. Quite surprised to see there were some people fishing at the other end though as its was a weekday.

Waited and was a bit disappointed with the overcast. I was planning to pack my bags when I noticed the sun breaking the cloudy sky. Immediately took a few test shots with my a900 (slides need to be correctly exposed as its latitude is very thin) and fired away with my film camera on a tripod. Took almost 20 shots on the scene before me (mostly brackets to get the exposure correct). After that while cycling back. Saw some pretty flowers at the roofless garden and shot some closeups with the 135mm.

Finished my roll and went home to rest a bit before hitting out to develop the slides. Bloody $20 for developing and 16 Base scan (and dun even have mounting!). Wat lau. Slides really expensive. Waited until 6pm and was blasted by the results. Just plain gorgeous!! You have to see it to believe it. It seems that the lens really plays a big roll in getting good colours in slides. (My old slides were shot with 28-85mm and the 50mm 1.4). The contrast and sharpness of Zeiss is truly astounding!! Above is just the scan of the slide and it cannot compare to the richness in colour of the original slide.

Expensive, Yes. Will I shoot again? Definitely since now I got the lens to do the correct job! :)

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