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I am a Pet Head!

I am a fan of Pet Shop Boys (thus the term Pet Heads). Ever since in 1988 I heard that bloody Domino Dancing song.. It introduced me to the world of electro pop music. Not sure why though, but I think its the drums and the bloody "All day! All day" chant. hehe

Before all of that, I listened only to classical music or Chinese operas at home. My father is a avid fan of Classical music like Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Mozart and etc. Mum is a fan too. They also like Chinese Classics like 梁祝,採云追月...etc etc. I do love them too but you need to spend more time to enjoy them as a piece can go as long as 40 mins.

Naturally, I get to like other artists like Madonna, Belinda Carlise, Eurasure, Depeche Mode and etc etc but I always find them to be a bit special. I think another reason that I was attracted to their act is the way their lyrics go. Neil used to be Smash HiT! magazine editor and he writes very well. The more I read up about them and lyrics makes me even more fascinated by them. Not to mention 2 blokes dresses like some campy clowns singing campy music (and they did it deliberately to taunt the new 90s entertainment industry).

So I am glad after 24 years (they released their first album in 1985), they are still coming out something that I like :)

Head over here to listen to some samples of their latest album, YES.

And here is their 2009 brits award performance

btw... I dun mind at all if you call them Pet Shop Ah Pek (Uncles)... hehe even those die hard fans I knew in Singapore love that term :P

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HH said...

I think they are one of only a few singers who survived till today...