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Our Mainstream Media is just plain stupid

Thanks to Mr Brown for notifying.

This really proves that our local papers and mass media are plain stupid (more like idiotic) in the whole Internet era. Anything posted on the net will be cached. Its no longer like the good old days where you can burn periodicals or books. This new medium is here to stay and by display this sort of behavior of deleting the post without any sorts of explanation is just plain integrity suicide (not like they have a lot left anyway).

The only way out now for them is to republish the posts or give a really really good explanation. Come on please! Don't expect deleting these posts will stop people discussing about this issue. This will just makes things worst?

And about that mayor who don't know anything about the whole bonus incident. I seriously wonder how come we pay you so much?

Thanks to the gutless and stupid 66% Singaporeans who voted for these people to power. I'm ok, as I'm leaving for good. For the rest who are staying. You're screwed.

1 comment:

HH said...

This had proved that our media are indeed the dogs for the gahment.

Also I think they really thought nobody will notice when the removed the articles.