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This is demoralising

I had a pain (gallstone) attack this morning again and its horrible. Luckily it went away in the afternoon but still, these attacks are quite demoralising. It just comes without warning. Woke up, went to pee and just drank one cup of water and bang... dunno what trigger it... cannot be the water bah??

Went back to my room and squatted on the floor for almost an hour. Sweat pouring. Only last friday went for a root canal repair and this coming Wednesday is my follow up for my surgery on the fistula and gallstones.

Luckily today is my off day if not I will need to take MC again. Tom back to work and I feel fine at the moment. Suppose to run some errands today but all plans are blown. Sign... not a good year for me

Root canal repair on my teeth. Fistula on my butt and bloody stones in my gallbladder....

try to beat that.

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HH said...

Oi so u better liao?