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C is for Cookie!!!

Sesame Street is one of my favorite show when I was a kid. So its the norm that I would get some Sesame DVDs for my girl girl and she loved them Her favorite seems to be Rosita. (Luckily not bloody Elmo). So after I got my Mac Mini hooked up. I tried to grab some more classic clips from the net and was surprised to find has various classic clips and activities.

Anyway I can't grab the video to my blog so thanks to youtube. Here's one of my all time favorite from Cookie Monster (Girl girl likes him too... )

You can view the new version here.

And I found this bloody classic hehe Some of us is here!! None!!! ... :P

Now back to my cookie... Arm mum mum mum mum mum..... Delicious!


xiaojeppon said...

I had my boys watch Hi-5, Barney most of the time. It helps in that they pick up English words quite easily.

Balonglong said...

Cookie Monster is my FAV!!!!!!