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Kena (Got myself) Scanned.

I had an MRI appointment for my gallstones as the doctors are still baffled by my condition. The bile level is so abnormal in my blood and I do not have a blocked bile duct (scoped twice and found nothing) so they send me for an MRI to get a "clearer" picture. Think the full name of MRI is Magnetic Resonance Imaging(please correct me if I am wrong). Its an interesting experience as I did CT before and they say its similar but I find it a bit different though.

First of all, the machine is huge and loud. The room is also more like a vault. I was asked to put on robes and administered an IV needle for the contrast agent. I was then strapped onto the bed and the radiologist gave me a cap to wear and a set of headphones to listen to her instructions (not music hor). The doctor needs to scan my whole abdominal area. So the scan took some time. About 45 mins. I think I nearly fell asleep during the process if not of all those whizzing noises the machines make. It really sounds like those flatbed scanners every time it scans my body. Then there is the part when they will inject the contrast agent into your body and you feel something flowing into your arms to the whole body. Very weird feelings. Or they will ask you to hold your breadth for 20 secs.

Anyway, hope nothing seriously wrong with me. Will be seeing the doctor on the 22nd and the schedule ops date is on the 27.

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Good luck!