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Some photos of girl girl and her pals :P

I think its have been some time I posted some photos of girl girl and her friends. Here's a recent series I took during Song Kran. The elder friend is Pi Nok who lives just next door to us. The younger and "chubbier" one is Nawng Pen who lives opposite us. Some shots where we were taking a walk and another series while they were playing in our inflatable pool. hehe..

All shots taken digital with A900 and Zeiss 135mm. I loved this lens on my A900. The colours it produces are astounding.

And you can head over to my facebook to view more of the Song Kran shots here.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
Enjoyed your blog. Din know that got singaporeans living in Mae Sai. I shall be passing Mae Sai for one nite sometime in mid May. Do you know of any place good to stay for a day?