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Scarred for life! Part 1

First of all. Just wish to thanks those who were concerned and gave their well wishes to me for the pass few days. Many thanks and I am recovering.

I decided to chronicle this whole incident in this blog again as friends keep asking me the same questions and so by jotting it down here. You can read it and I get to avoid repeating myself. :P

On the 29 April. I was admitted to SGH. I went alone I don't want to let my mother to wait for that long in the hospital. The swine flu alert was still yellow that day. Went and and admitted to my ward. The surgeons in charge came and see me at the bed in the morning and explained the procedures. Its supposed to be a day surgery as the incision will be small by using Laprascopic method of extraction. 95% chance of success where 5% they need to open up and use the old horrible method as due to severe inflammation. I will also go through a minor surgery on my butt for my anal fistula at the same time. So its 2 in 1 for me.

After meeting the doctor. I was in the ward waiting. My time on the Operating theatre is 3pm. A looong wait as I was admitted at 9am. (Suppose to be 7am but the nurse called me before and asked me to come later)

So about 2pm. I was changed and pushed in a trolley bed to the OT. I think (i totally lost count) 4 to 5 different nurses (I start to think they definitely screwed up before) asked me the same question before the whole procedure. Basically

1) Your name and nric.
2) What ops are you performing today.
3) Is this the form you signed.
4) Any drug allergies.

So I was pushed into the OT and my surgeon came. Dr Dennis Lim by the way. Very chatty fella and the Anesthetic doctor also introduce himself and ask me some questions. So a plastic mask was put over me and I just fell asleep........




Woke up and found myself in severe pain in the abdominal area. Still groggy and ran my fingers across the area and found it to be heavily padded with a very huge dressing. Jia lat... I am the bloody 5%....


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Wahlau.. why you so suai one?