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Scarred for life! Part 2

On the left is a photo of my big "cut". If you wish to see the gory details you can click on it. If not just skip :P

Anyway, after I woke up. The assistant surgeon, a young lady came and showed me my stones in a bottle and informed me about the surgery and said I did well and its a complete success although they need to open me up as there were severe inflammation and did not want any complications. So the only option was to open me up. I also noticed I had a plastic tube sticking out from a small hole on my right lower belly. She said its for draining those internal bleeding that might still be there.

I was pushed back to bed and lay still for the rest of the night. Semi-concious and talked to my mum and assured her I'm fine and send her back. The night was peaceful actually. The pain was quite severe whenever I even try to move a bit. So I need to press the morphine and wait for a while before even I try to shift myself in bed. The problem with hospital beds are they are damn hot!! The pillow does not help either so it was really really uncomfortable.

Next day the surgeon Dr Lim came and checked on me and say everything is fine so far but I am already starting to have fever during the night. So antibiotics and lots of Drips for me.

Not sure what antibiotics. But it was administered through the drip via injection. In 3 mins, without any warnings I threw up with smelly goo and whatever is left in my stomach and cringe in pain. Took about 5mins to recover from the pain. Explanation given was that the nurse might have injected the solution too quickly. Anyway I was cleaned up in a jiffy and back to rest.

I actually felt much much better after I threw up as I was feeling very bloated. The rest of the day I was actually improving so I held no grievances to that nurse who gave me that shot.

3rd day in the hospital was a major improvement. I could sit up and actually get out of bed and walked a bit. I no longer need the morphine so that machine was unplugged from me. But I still have drips and that bloody waste water bag besides me. Started to eat but little appetite.


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HH said...

Wah lau look scary man! Better take care.