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Scarred for life! Part 3

Day 3 night at the hospital was horrible. It was hot and humid and I feel cold and hot and the same time. (Think its because my body is repairing itself). Next morning the surgeon came and saw my wound and said I could go home. Whoo pee. Though he also damn funny. Pulled of the bandages and dressing and exclaimed "BEAUTIFUL!" Huh.. what the tulududu... He saw my face and quickly say "Oh I don't mean the scar itself but how its healing."

Anyway wait for mum and took a cab home. On 7 days antibiotics course and 2 weeks of MC. I tried to move as much as possible to get more blood circulation. Friends also called in to ask my condition and again, wish to thank you all for your concern. I am really getting better everyday. (Just completed a 2km slow walk along East Coast Park).

So what now? No more gallbladder. There are a lot of myths surrounding that one could no longer eat fatty food. On the contrary, this is not the case as bile is created by the liver. Not the gallbladder. The functionality of the gallbladder is to store the extra bile produced by the liver. So in the event that you eat fatty food. It will release the bile juice into the intestines. Still, it is advisable to cut down on fatty food to prevent cases of diarrhoea.

So far I have not eaten anything oily yet so I can't really tell. But I do notice I tend to go to the toilet more often as digestion within the intestine has gone haywire.

With this I conclude these series. I think it will serves a good chronicle for myself on this dreadful experience and as a reminder: Health is more important than anything else for anyone. You can be rich but if you are not healthy, you won't enjoy it anyway.

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HH said...

I agreed that health is the biggest fortune you could ever had. My advice to all is to do a health check once every other year, or yearly if you can affort it ,especially if you are over 30.
And as usual eat well and exercise regularly. Take it as the best investment you could ever had.
To Fat Boy (Knife Scare Boy) take care and speedy recovery. Got to get back to work, got extra mouth to feed liao. Hee...