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The way it used to be...

You can call me a fan boy but I just loved this song from the new Pet Shop Boys album. It just that this songs really co-incite how I was feeling when I was in hospital bed. I was in a room filled with patients of different age and sizes. Some of the had their legs amputated due to diabetic reasons. Normally I would be the youngest in the room but it did not seems to be the case when 2 young man (believe to be in the teens were wheel-chaired in) Then it dawned on me. I am no longer young and I started to think about my childhood, my naivety on the world when I was just a teen and etc. I think I am already going mid-life crisis and I'm just 33! hahaha

Anyway, its an interesting song because the melody is simple and the lyrics are cleverly written. I especially like the line: "We could do anything cause we're fearless when we're young." and "I survived with only memories. But I want more than only memories" and especially the last line before the "ping" : "Sometimes I need to see/the way it used to be."

And so I did. I started visiting those childhood places and taking photographs of them while I was on MC (hahaha). I'm glad I did that and there are still many places that I need to cover before all fades away.....Plan to start a new personal project which I think will last quite some time.

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Victor said...

I also love this song, it is very moving...I haven't thought of it in a context other than a relationship, but I like your interpretation, it can be equally powerful if thought that way.