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I have a few friends who are really into getting a PDA phone and some of them are really into the Iphone.  Until I show them what Android can do too. :P

Iphone is great actually.  Especially the OS which basically is a scaled down version of it OS X.  But I really hate the idea of Apple monopolizing the hardware and using bloody iTunes to sync the device.   I don’t really like the form factor of the Iphone too.  (Just a matter of personal preference)  I am currently using Windows Mobile HTC Touch Cruise (surprise!) but I am already starting to plan my next purchase.  So Iphone used to be on my to buy list (I’m a bit sick of Windows Mobile) until I heard about the Open Handset Alliance and their announcement of the Android operating system for mobile phones looks really promising.  Its still pretty under development and they have cute names for their builds (current version is Cupcake… the next one is Donut)

It is really promising as since the OS is open sourced.  A lot of mobile phone manufacturers will implement it onto their PDA phones.  So far, HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and LG are going to produce devices under Android.  Acer and Asus is also looking into using Android as a alternative for their netbooks.  Which means I get to have a lot more hardware to choose from rather than Apple alone.  If Apple is willing to open up and allow the other hardware manufacturers to offer hardware based on their OS.. then it might be a different story altogether.  But you should know the answer.  Its next to impossible for Apple to do that so Android based phones will be on my shopping list.

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