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Finally.. the delayed trip

Suppose to go back in May but due to my operation. I have to delay until June. Wify is now bloated and girl girl is waiting for me to go back.

And I forgot to mention our family car already kena scratched liao.. Heart pain sia. I have not even seen it yet and already damaged.

This will be a short trip. Only 5 days as I will be taking a long break next month in July. A full month I will be away to settle my 2nd baby. Mum and Sis are also planning to drop by during that period to catch a glimpse of the new member of our family.

Have to keep this short. Maybe will get to write more about Thailand during this trip.


Kai_Bros said...

Have a good trip!!!

Anonymous said...

bro. shall post some photos of the town you are living.

Anonymous said...

or your surroundings. let us have a look at the town that you are retiring

sun_traveller said...

meet any singaporean or malaysians over there. seems that some malaysians chinese living there. anyway how do you buy your property any website or developer names.

FatBoi IN MaeSai said...

To Anon 4:12PM

Actually I did that last year in my blog click here to see my neigbourhood. :)