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Finally.. the delayed trip

Suppose to go back in May but due to my operation. I have to delay until June. Wify is now bloated and girl girl is waiting for me to go back.

And I forgot to mention our family car already kena scratched liao.. Heart pain sia. I have not even seen it yet and already damaged.

This will be a short trip. Only 5 days as I will be taking a long break next month in July. A full month I will be away to settle my 2nd baby. Mum and Sis are also planning to drop by during that period to catch a glimpse of the new member of our family.

Have to keep this short. Maybe will get to write more about Thailand during this trip.


Kai_Bros said...

Have a good trip!!!

Anonymous said...

or your surroundings. let us have a look at the town that you are retiring

Anonymous said...

bro. shall post some photos of the town you are living.

sun_traveller said...

meet any singaporean or malaysians over there. seems that some malaysians chinese living there. anyway how do you buy your property any website or developer names.