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Back to School!

As mentioned in my previous post. I am currently attending the CCNA-Express course. Suppose to have one more colleague (to make a total of 3) but he was recalled back for "service" as one of colleague who was suppose to cover us had some personal issues.

Anyway its more of a refresher course for me as I already took my CCNA way back in 2000. It expired in 2003 but I never bothered to get it renewed so my current company throw me into the course again.

Things have indeed changed as last time we only did RIPv2 and touched a bit on OSPF... nowadays its all on OSPF and EIGRP.. duh...

Fundamentals were unchanged though. All those OSI layers and TCP/IP stack, subnetting, bits and bytes. My other colleague who is my team mate and in the same course is having a tough time absorbing all these information. I have to keep remind her that I once took a semester during my University on all these basic networking stuff thus I could comprehend. If not, 5 days crash course on CCNA is really a bit tough for the uninitiated.

Lab is also a breeze for both of us as we deal with routhers and switches every day in our work but learning new commands for my colleague is a bit daunting for her to as she is not used to CLI (console line interface).

So far we are 3 days into the course and 2 more days before the whole thing finish. Frankly, I kind of enjoy the course (not because its easy) mainly is to get the feeling of being in a classroom again and facing a lecturer. The whole experience is quite stimulating and I do hope I get more chances to go for such courses.

And speaking of certification. I did not plan to re-certify initially(sure can pass one lah :P) as I think I won't be in this line for long. Still, maybe I would just take it and see if I can clear CCNP next year... See how lah... :P


Anonymous said...

hey bro. need your help. i am going to maesai next year during cny so can you tell me how to get there.
Like the airlines you take,to chiang rai or chiang mai, the bus to maesai. thanks for your help, know that you write before but your archive too big.

Anonymous said...

bro it me again. is there any map to be brought at maesai that show a better picture of the town cos i search internet, libraries and bookshops still the same old limited information. the best information i can find is from let go thailand.

HH said...

It is good to learn something new. So no matter if you are not going to be in this line for long but as long as you enjoyed what you learn you should just go for these lesson loh.