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Its all scheduled!

I have been busy lately with work and the preparation for my new baby. The due date was brought forward by 2 weeks. (Doctor say my wife's tummmy is too huge and baby seems to be more than 3kg.) So I will be flying back on the 14th and the should be going to the hospital on the 16th The cesarean is scheduled on the 17th.

Price for a cesarean birth in Thailand is no longer 25k bath (approx 1k SGD) Its about 35k at least now. (that's just 3 years ago!!) Wonder what really happened with the pricing but still, this time we are choosing another hospital which was newer and has more experienced doctors though.

There are many things I wished I have time to write about but so far I'm a bit overwhelmed by work. (I am actually working on another 24hrs shift while I'm typing this :P) Need the extra cash for the new car and the new baby.

Anyway, some things I want to write is a new bag I had and more about my health. Maybe I will drop another note next week which I guess I will be a bit more free as I will be on course. So after the course and 2 more days of work and I will be in Thailand for a month. Hope everything goes as well as planned.

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Anonymous said...

good luck bro