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Just caught and killed a rat!

No pictures as we already threw the body into the river near our house. I went to the kitchen and heard something in the cupboard. Looked into it and saw a rat staring at me. It saw me too and bolted. Not the first time. I've chased out one before and I guess its the same one. So I quickly closed the cabinet and called for help.

Thanks to my poor Thai... My mother and father-in-law thought it was a snake. :P So they were a bit scared at first. Until they saw it then they realised it just a rat. (They very used to it liao) I used a rattan stick to chase the rat while my father-in-law used a cast iron tongs for holding charcoal to catch the little bugger.

Its a bloody quick little bugger. It jumped from the cupboard when we opened it to the cabinets below the sink. There were lots of pots and pans in the cabinets so we proceed to remove them and tried to move them to the living room. Then it bolted again and ran into our living room. We gave chase and closed all the doors. As it has no where else to run, it hid behind our the gap behind our tableware cabinet in the living room. Bloody smart bugger. Anyway with some probing we managed to chase it out. Father in law gave the stunning blow and it knocked it out cold. We then use the pincer and carried it out of the house before I gave the killing blow with my rattan stick.

Quite an interesting experience and I'm still in my adrenaline rush.. Never get to do this sort of things in Singapore... hehe


HH said...

Bloody difficult to catch a rat man! I tired it...hehe... Your Father-in-law can be a kung fu master liao!

Think you should install mouse trap in your house. Quite normal form people living in houses.

Anonymous said...

hey leejiing need your help.
no need so urgent to reply.
what is the last bus to maesai from chiangrai. my flight seems to arrive after 8pm so dont know must stay in chiang rai for the night or wait for tomorrow morning bus. Another thing is my returned flight is scheduled at 1pm, chiangrai back to bangkok. What is the first bus to leave maesai. Dont want to miss the flight. Thanks - first timer travelled alone.

FatBoi IN MaeSai said...

There are still taxis at the airport to get you to Maesai at night but will be more expensive as its at night. Just grab the taxi to Maesai unless you plan to do some sightseeing in Chiang Rai.

Forget about those buses as they will take almost 1 and a 1/2 hours to reach Chiang Rai and you still need to get a tuk tuk or taxi to the airport! The public buses do not stop at the airport. If you wish to experience it then its ok but to me its really a waste of time(very inconsistent timing) Bus will start leaving the terminal at 7am every morning and there should be a bus every 30 to 40 mins.

Anonymous said...

thanks leejiing for the info.