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My Boy, so far so good...

Finally I have some time and energy to update this blog. I have been posting updates on my facebook but those are just short burst of updates.

Baby and Wife is fine and healthy. Boy boy is a chomper.. really eats a lot and wife's milk seems not enough to feed the fiesty fella. Already opened his eyes on the 2nd day at the hospital and he likes to kick and punch to play. (just like when he is in mummy's tummy) He's also a night crawler like girl used to be... Sleep during day time and at night want to play. So we had a hard time trying to catch some Zzz.. But still so far, ah boy is much more easier to take care then ah girl. Xin hui used to cry for long hours for no reasons and ah boy only cries when hungry. Even after he shit he dun complain, just lie there and stare or even go to sleep (Ah girl no way liao, just a bit cry like hell) hehe..

Some of you might be interested in the bills and hospital I went and so far I have to say its a thumbs up. Its not expensive and I took some photos of the room too (more like a suite). Anyway, will post about that later.

Here are more photos at the hospital


Anonymous said...

hey man congratulation once again.
thanks for the very informative guide
to maesai.
just book tiger airways yesterday to bangkok and airasia to chiang rai.

how is the situation in maesai? economic wise is it very poor. i mean
how are the local doing and earning.

Balonglong said...

:] Welcome to Earth.... hehehehe... congratulation!!! catch up with u when u back! :)

Baby Boy must Guai Guai Wo.. Sayang...