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Siburin Hosiptal

My daughter is born in Overbrook Hosiptal which was quite a big hospital chain in Thailand. Its the oldest private hospital in Chiang Rai. There is a gahment hospital in Maesai but I would strongly advised not to go there unless you are really broke...

This time around, we chose Siburin which is a new and growing hospital chain in Thailand. It's also in Chiang Rai so we drove there in our new car. Girl girl and my mother-in-law also came to help. We checked-in on the 16th evening as the procedure will be on the 17th morning. The standard rooms were all taken so we were give a choice to upgrade our room to the special suite for an additional of 400 baht per night or upgrade to the VIP room at 1000 baht per night. It was a no brainer so we took the special suite. The room is very clean and spacious. And I will gladly say its as good as those private hospitals in Singapore. (You can see for yourself in the pictures). There is even a fridge with mini-bar on it. You could also order food over the telephone to be delivered to your room at any hours. MAcham hotel with room service liao :P. And its not that expensive. 35 to 40 baht for a Pad Thai or fried rice.

I was expecting to spend about 40kBaht for this whole thing. I have heard that price has increased and I only paid about 28k for my daughter's procedure. So I guess in this newer and better hospital it should be more expensive. Overall, the bill is 37k baht. About $1600 SGD in a private hospital in Thailand. Its $400 plus more than what I paid for my girl but we also stay one more night. Total of 4 days 3 nights (whereas girl girl only 3 days 2 nights).

I kind of understand now why a lot of foreigners actually came to Bangkok or Chiangmai to have plastic surgeries. At this price and service, its again a no brainer. :)

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xiaojeppon said...

Yo bro, way to go! A girl and now a boy makes รค "Good"(Translate to chinese = Hao). So...can your boy take up thai citizenship?