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I have been quite anxious today as my wife was going to the Amphue today to collect her Birth cert and apply for citizenship.

I am on shift today so I could not call her that often for updates. Anyway, we had hit a milestone. My wife's birth certificate was approved and she officially has a certificate that proves her to be born in Thailand!

So at the same time, she has also applied for citizenship (with the help of her Po Long aka Grassroot leader of her district) Her particulars were updated in the computer and her request for Thai Citizenship (Khor Sian Chart)is sent to Ministry in Bangkok for final vetting and approval. Normally this should be the easiest as the birth cert part was the most difficult to get. So now we heard is that the fastest we can get some news is next Monday. Where if its all approved. She will need to go back to the Amphue again to get her photo taken and given an ID card immediately on acknowledgment.

Still anything could go wrong (sorry for bring pessimistic but I had got a lot of bad news ever since we started doing this). If everything is REALLY settled for her. Then we need to start on other things, such as changing the house deeds back to my wife's name, getting married (finally), getting her a passport (so she could finally come visit Singapore) and etc etc etc.

Its a long journey and its just starting to get interesting. :)


tanlang said...

praying for u. hope everything will
go fine. it will.

Anonymous said...

hope everything goes well for your wife thai citizenship. Good Luck :)

Sandra said...

I believe one by one problems and hindrances will be solved. It may take a bit longer time, so please just be patient. So start being more optimistic ok. All the best to you and your family.