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My Transport

... in Thailand. Since I'm free for the day while waiting for news at home. Cleaned and washed my car and bikes and took a photo of them.

The Toyota VIOS is the new addition. The black Honda Blade is mine and the Pink Yamaha Fino is my wife's..

Total damage is less than 40k SGD. Funny thing is I dun even have one bike in SG.

So just posting this to Hao Lian(show off) a bit :P


Balonglong said...

Xian~~ anyway lucky I can go back Malaysia get 1... NB cheaper then Sing~~ Pui~ Pui~ Pui~ The stupid ERP increase again!! NB who 1 come to China town eat.. NB X 100

Sandra said...

Hahahah Go ahead and show of lah. We kaypoh, enjoy to see your fotos mah.