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Plastic Camera

I used to have a Holga (think 4 ,5 years back)and I broke it easily after a roll or 2.. Thus I refrained myself from using plastic cameras for quite some time until I saw this The Black Bird Fly!... Hehe. It got delivered last month and I only get to play with it today (yes I'm back in SG) So far the build is pretty good for a plastic camera.. The only think I dun like is the film rewind crank. Feels a bit too easy to snap. Other then that, it sure look cool and retro..

Only 2 apertures f/7 and f/11 and one shutter speed (1/125). There is a bulb mode though so low light is still possible. Now if only the weather improves a bit so I can go out and shoot! :(

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Anonymous said...

well done bro for the updated map.