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Family Photos

Just a short series between Aug and Sept. Those Ah boy still got hair ones were taken on my last visit but I had no time to post them.

Anyway, ah boy is fine. Very mellow and much easier to care for then his sister during the same period. Xinhui is very picky on who could carry her while Didi seems to be fine with anyone.

Ah Girl also enjoys the new member :D (can see from photo) and dotes on her little brother. She is a bit angry sometimes that mama seems to be paying more attention to Didi but she never take it on her little brother. Which is a very good sign to me :)

Anyway, hope you enjoy the series. There's a lot more but I think these few are the best I've taken so far.


Anonymous said...

oh man. is that you in the final picture?

FatBoi IN MaeSai said...

yup! :)

Sandra said...

Thanks for sharing. Happy to see the photos of your new baby and the rest of the family.

Sandra said...

Fatboi, Looking at the photos again, my gut feeling coming from a woman and saying about another woman, I think your wife is a very nice lady, very protective over her children. See her body language.
So, in short, you are blessed in marrying her. Treasure her yah. The Mighty God who created the earth and the constellations bless you and your family abundantly.