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More Plastic Cameras


Ever since I got baby no 2 on the way.  I have been refraining myself of buying more cameras.  There was the EP-1 and Fuji 200 EXR.  So to quench my thirst for new toys.  I turned myself to cheapo plastic cameras.  There was the Black Brid Fly. And recently, I just got the Diana F+ and Diana Mini and all sorts of accessories.

There are cheap compared to those latest digital camera.  For the same price I could get 4 or 5 such cameras off the net.   Problem is there are a lot of nice accessories to go with these cameras.  So in the end I’m still spending too much money on these babies :P.   Not to count I need to buy more films and spend money developing them.

As usual, my “genius” plan has backfired on me… back to the drawing board….hahaha..

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Anonymous said...

oh. you also like the fuji exr200. but it seems to be a bit expensive at 499. last time when i saw it at a promotion in causeway point. by the way, you already have a dslr, why spend more on the point and shoot