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The complete opposite... (well so far)

I kind of expected that the characteristic of my ah boy is a complete opposite of girl girl.

Just by observing him for the pass few months and you will know how different he is to his elder sister.

First of all Ah Boy is really mellow. Very very mellow and quiet little fella that rarely cries. But he does have a thundering voice (big size mah) whenever he cries and most of the time its because he's hungry or want to be carried to sleep...

His sister on the other hand is noisy and will cry at her top of her voice for just little movements, unpleasant sounds or just for no apparent reasons. Got one time we got so worried as she did not stop for more than an hour, we decided to see the doctor who assured us its the norm.

Boy is also more "friendly" More like bo chap actually. Anyone can carry him and he will not complain. Which means is a good news to my wife as Girl girl could only be carried by her and my mum during the first 3 months. (Girl girl is very very picky on who is carrying her) I could carry ah boy for the whole day while girl girl can only last at most 5mins before complaining. So at least wify can clear up some personal chores before "entertaining" ah boy.

Ah boy is also a bit more "lazy". He just lies there and look around and kick less often then his sister. And he loves to sleep! (inherited from me liao) And he sleeps soundly for hours. His sister on the other hand is hyper ... sleep at most 1 hour and will be awake, looking for mummy or entertainment.

In short, wife's feedback is the same as mine. Ah boy is much much more easier to care for then his sister during the same period of time. But I guess its just for the moment as wife already started to notice he is getting a bit more active. Wants to see things now and will complain if people put him down on bed while he's awake.

Wife also told me he likes to smile to his sister too whenever she is around. And girl girl actually rock her little brother (in a rocking bed of couse) to sleep during his afternoon nap. How I wished I was there to see this scene...

Anyway, coming 27 I will be back in Thailand again for almost 3 weeks. Its Loi Krathong again!!!

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