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Going Medium Format

After shooting a bunch of 35mm slides. I got bored with the small transparencies I held in my hand. So I actually planned to shoot something bigger (I very greedy one). Its not the first time I shot with a Medium Format camera. I used to have a cheap Kiev 88 and it produces quite good results. I sold it when I went to Thailand and have not much time for photography. But the idea of shooting 120mm slides is always in my head and I have not really given up on this idea.

(Un)Luckily my friend YT (my Shi Xiong in SLCC) has a Bronica SQA sitting in the studio so I took it out for a spin.

Big Mistake of my life. Shot a few rolls and I got hooked. (Especially the slides....)

Went into ebay and look see look see. Bid on a Hasselblad 500C/M kit at a ridiculous price and actually won it!! Just shot a roll with it and the magazine seems to have light leak when I remove or put in the dark slide(common problem with a Hassy back). Not a big issue as I have already ordered spare parts for the new seal (some foam and plastic).

Maybe its faith.... I'm back into Medium Format Photography when the rest of the world is converting to digital... hahaha

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