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Its great to be back...

As the title suggests.  I am back in Thailand and enjoying each and every minute of it.  Weather is great.  Cool and dry.  Its getting colder in the morning and evening but the dry fresh air of the rural areas are just fantastic. 

Ah boy is 3 months plus and pretty interactive to whoever he is staring at.  Can mumble a few sounds and chuckle but still a bit lazy..... Loves to sleep. His sister is a bit rebellous and naughty though.  Testing our patience and limits almost everyday..  Think all kids during this period is the same.. My mum say last time I even worst..  (got meh??)

A few more days it will be Loy Krathong.  We plan to make the lanterns ourselves this year.  Since girl girl is a bit older.  I also passed my Diana Mini for girl girl to shoot (loaded with a roll of film)  The results were quite surprsingly not too bad... consider she is not even 4 years old and snapping away like hell... I even need to advance the film for her each time.

Anyway.  Will post more later once I have more time.

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