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Back to SG and (fast fast) back to work!

Just a quick post.  Just came back from Thailand this early morning at 1200AM and now back in office slaving.  It will be another few sleepless nights for the next few days as I need some time to adjust to the fast pace lifestyle here.  Sometimes I wonder why Singapore can't slow down a bit.  Why can't we learn from our surrounding neighbours to slow down a bit.  Do we need to chase for the top all the time?  And some sikohlar (scholar) argue that if we slow down a bit, we are actually getting lazy?? (Our gahment likes to stress this all the time).  So now I'm back in office and still clearing my email (got moren than 10k...)while I took a break to jot this down.  2009 is going to end soon and 2010 will be around the corner.  Hopefully the year will ends well... 

Still have errands to run.  Need to collect my lens, send my slides for development, pp my photos, scan my daughter's photos and ....... I need more TIME!!! :P

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HH said...

Don't burnt out man!