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HE just have to spoil everything.

We just came back from Chiang Mai today and it was quite an interesting and somewhat enjoyable trip.   All was well until we hit the Ran Stop (Police Checkpoint) at Mae Chan.  As usual, the "police"man there checked my wife and ask her why she never apply for permit again and requested my wife to get out of the bus. 

So the kids and I plus my mum got out and the "police"  got a little surprised that I was getting down as I actually do not need to.  I explained since if he needs to verify with my wife.  My kids especially my boy needs her attention as he needs to be fed by her.  And I can't leave my mum alone on the bus as she's over 60 and can't  speak a word of Thai. I can't possibly left my wife alone with you.

The "police" man a bit reluctant and was a bit surprised by my bold statements as I guess he rarely encounters someone as "experienced" as I am.  I muttered to my wife that he might want "kopi" (bribe) money and he got a bit agitated.  And he kept asking me what I said just now.  After we got down the bus and the bus left.  He kept explaining that only my wife needs to get down while the rest could continue as the bus could not wait.  I coldly tell him I got all the time to "entertain" him and I spoke to him in English.  He got a bit lost with my words and asked his colleague to explain things to me.

Seems like my wife's Work permit is not allowed beyond the point of Mae Chan (first time I heard of that as I clearly understood we could go to Chiang Rai hospital multiple times without issues) and he say my wife needs to get a permit from the Amphue to continue.  ( I know all about this but normally the policeman will let us go as we have children on board)

So I explained to his colleague in plain English.  This is more or less of what I have said.

"I understand you are doing your job and I undestand that you need to explain to me about the restrictions imposed on my wife's status.  We are just simple people going for a simple holiday.  I am bringing my kids, especially my girl to visit the Chiang Mai zoo and we are going back home now.  If there is an issue with us going out.  Then you should have stop us when we are going OUT!  Why are you asking her to get out of the bus when we are going back?  We could have save all this hassle if you did not allow us to go out at all." 

With this explanation, the "police"man seems to understand he is on the loosing side and decided to let us go.  I tried to get his name but all of them started to ignore my queries and ask us to wait for the next bus.  

In total, we spent almost an hour on this total ordeal before we got onto the next bus(those cheap public buses that we need to squeeze) to Maesai.   Not to mention we have 2 huge luggages and other bags we have to carry when we got out.  I'm not sure whether he truthfully wants to explain the situation to my wife or he wants "kopi" money or he just wants to be an arsehole.  But I can safely say this.  Ever since my daughter is born or even when my wife was pregant with her in her belly.  We had NEVER ever been asked to get out of the bus.  Normally they just reprimanded my wife and let us go.  Its common sense and decency as they are kids involved and asking them to get out and get stranded is a big no no themselves too.

No logic at all.  I'm still unhappy over this little incident and I hope I get to meet that "police"man again to get his name....  


Kelvin Lim said...

Hi bro, I understand your fastrations! this is thailand! everything abnormal that happens, is normal! :)
Chill my friend, and enjoy your holidays.
By the way, i might not be heading up to Maesai already, ICA finally gave me clearance to bring her over to Singapore....

HH said...

I have seen enought of these F**Ker.
The just bully the weak but are afriaid of the strong. The only reason he behave like this is either to get Kopi $ or just want to show off his "authority".
So when these people know you cannot be talk down, the just ran away balless.
Should go back to the border for fun and look for him and get his name. Or snap his picture with you super tele lens.