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Its crawling in again....

Depression symptoms -> 

Unable to sleep at night.  Not  much appetite.  Feel lethargic and slow in response.  Unable to concentrate.  Moody and bad tempered.

Yup, I'm falling into that trap again and I need to do something to wake up.  This nornally happens for a week or so when I just came back from Thailand.  It does not help at all when I'm stuck at work too.  My mind is drifting everywhere while I work.  Need to set things straight asap.

Recently there are some financial issues that I need to settle and its has been bothering me for quite some time.  With a new family member on board.  My current pay is a bit stretching.  In order to continue to providie a comfortable lifestyle for them over there, I need to work more OTs and look for other source of income.  I can, of course, choose to go back to my old job which has a much higher pay (and responsibilites) but I shall be loosing the number of off days and leaves that I could get in this current job (Its so flexible that it allows me to go back to Thailand at least once per 2 month period),

So this current predicament is also bogging me too.  I need to choose between money and time with my family.  I've talked to my wife and she of course wants more money lah... So still thinking hard on this....


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