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Its instinct?

I was posting some photos to facebook of my recent Chiang Mai outing when I noticed this photo featured in this post.  Its one of my favourite grabs at the hotel as they are napping and girl girl suddenly turned over, saw her little brother and proceed to wrap her arms around him in a hug and went back to sleep.

It also reminds me on something highly unusal.  Ah boy is normally very mellow.  But on a few occassions,  He seems to be in a foul mood and start to complain (cry lah) loudly for no apparent reasons.  We try to comfort him by singing and talking to him.  Or even my wife tries to feed him (thinking he might be hungry) but to no avail. 

Then Wify had the smartest idea.  Asking girl girl to called out "Didi Didi" (my little brother in Chinese).  And ah boy will definitely stop his tantrum and calm down and start looking at his edler sister.

Its also funny that every morning when we send girl girl to pre-school.  The trip to the school on the car was peaceful.  Boy boy normally also sends her sister as she requested it.  And each time when we are returning back from the school.  Ah boy will definitely make some noises or cry in the car.  Seems like he knows his sister is not around and not happy with it.

Xinhui adores her little brother and her first thing everytime she steps into the house (either coming back from school or from playing outside), she would start hunting for his little brother and give him a kiss or hug.  I think she will be a great sister to Jing Yong. :) 

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