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Little Photographer

They always say start training them when they are young and so I followed the advice and got my girl a Diana Mini.  Reason is its easy to use and its small and cute.  So it will attract her attention.  Indeed it was so when I pass her the camera and she started snapping away even before I gave her the complete instruction... :P  lots of shots gone on the first few frames.

Anyway, during the 3 weeks stay, she shot 2 rolls of film.  The camera was also in her little backpack when we went for our Chiang Mai trip.  I intended to use the half frame as it allows 72 shots, which means she have more shots to whack.  I develop the film at the local shop and they gave me a wierd look when they return the negs and some prints.  I think its because they are not used to seeing overlapping frames and square format and had no idea wat type of camera I'm using.

Still, I plan to look for another half frame camera for her (Golden half maybe?) as she does not like the "See Dam Dam" (colour black black in Thai) cam.  She want "Shampoo" (Pink, her favourite colour)... Wonder golden half got pink one anot.. :P

Here are the results of the shots.  Got some shots are  taken by me though... heheh I oso itchy hand....

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