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Loy Loy Krathong Redux 2009 version

Think I explained about this festival before in 2006 over here and here

This year the event was on 2nd Nov (every year is different as it follows the buddhist calender).  This year since my mum was around.  We spent more time on this festival rather than the usual.  We went to the market to buy the materials necessary for making the Krathong and spent a day making them.  Those smaller one were made for the kids. 

Its also a happy occassion too as my mother in law and my sister in law came too.  Girl girl very happy got her 2 cousins to come celebrate with her :) .  On 2nd Nov night, we took the car out and placed all the Krathong in the boot of the car and head off to the nearest river canal at Meung Daeng.  Less than a 5 min ride in car, we reached the place and it was filled with people.  I was smart enough of not bringing my DSLR as I had no more hands holding the Krathong and catching my girl's hands.  I scared she run away and get lost in the crowd. 

After saying a small prayer, we set the Krathong off and we proceed to the funfair just next to the river.  Nothing special just normal rides as usual.  You can see more photos here taken with my Fuji FD30 compact. 


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