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The Working Lady Issue - Part 1

This is long overdue, suppose to be a fulll post but due to time constraints.  I decided to spilt it into 2 parts. 

I actually received quite a few emails (over the years) and actually met a couple once in Maesai with the similar issue and they are a lot of rumours and uncomfirmed answers to this question.

Thanks to another friend and reader Mr K which went through the whole ordeal, he is able to provide some clear resolutions to this troubling issues.  Here's the scenario.

A Singaporean guy met a working lady in Geylang(I don't need to be specific here but you should know what's a working lady right?).  They really fall in love and decided to be together.  The thing is our dear Gahment  Anti-Vice warned the lady verbally when she starts work in Geylang.  Here's the list.

1. She is not allowed to get into any relationship with a Singaporean Guy.

2. She is not allowed to return to Singapore at any time after her work.

3. She is not allowed to get married to a Singpaorean guy even after their 2 year course of "duty". (The most ridiculous rule of all)

If they are to break any of the rules above,  they will be jailed, fined and deported back to their country.  (Seems like SG have no human rights at all)

So here's the truth.  Its all BULLSHIT!  According to Mr K who sparred with our ICA.

It was never a problem that she worked in sg before, although it wasnt a glorious issue, but it isnt an offence! The purpose of this verbal threat is just to instill fear and caution into the girls before they leave. Hoping that they do not try to hook some dumb SG guy and cheat his money away. (looks like our gahment really like to protect us SG males... :P)

So, according to Mr K, if your partner or gf works in sg with a valid passport, she can enter anytime. (but  after giving a window of 2 yrs upon leaving).  So there is a 2 year ban for a working lady. 

Sounds good right.  But what if she is not using a valid passport??  That will be covered in Part 2.....


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Mr. K said...

Well written bro! Looking forward to part 2.