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12 Frames Project - A Year's Story

After completing the 36 frame project.  I decided to cook with my photog buddy on another.  This time a much longer term project.  How long?  How abut one whole year? :P

Since both of us has Medium Format cameras.  It will be challenging to shoot only 12 frames for the year.  Each month, we are just limited to one shot!

So we can only see the final result in year 2011.  The title was thought by me actually.  A year's story.  How this 12 frames translates to 2010. 

I hope I can get all 12 frames and I have already thought of the film I am going to use.  It will be slide film again... Provia 400X.  Since I won't be sure whether low light will be involved... I think choosing a higher ISO film will benefit.

Its going to be a tough one to complete.  But it will be fun way to start the year!

So to all readers.  Happy holidays and may your wishes come true!

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