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Completed! 36 Frames Project - "It ends with ~y"

If you remember this post.  Its a photography project initiated by me and my photog buddy. 

You can view the results here at my photogallery.  Its actually quite daunting to shoot 36 themes in a month and having to stick to the particular frame.  This is especially true when most of the time I was working and I took my camerea everywhere with me.  Hunting for the next frame.  In the end I nealry wanted to give up as those titles are a bit tough to hit....

And I actually got messed up early.  Crazy frame was an accidental shot by my master Stanley as he was playing with my cam and lens.  Frame 34 and 35 was also mixed up.  I thought "Floppy" came first in 34 but actually it was "Sticky".

Althought I did not really like the final result.  The process was still a fun and challenging exercise..  Plan to do another one... but this time maybe pick an easier theme... kekekeke


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