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Fun with Expired Film - Expired Reala 220 on Diana

My master studio closed down 2 months ago and while we were clearing the fridge,  we found some expired rolls of film.  3 of them are actually 220 format!  220 basically is a longer version of 120 roll film.  Double the length actually, so you can get up to 24 exposures if you are shooting 66.  Bored on Wed as it was my off day so I loaded the film into my Diana and went shooting spree.  As there is no backing paper.  I need to cover up the back of my Diana with black tape to prevent light leaks..

Thinking the film was expired and its ISO is 100 (although I like to rate Reala at 50 to bring out the potential of the film).  And also it was an overcast day.  I opened the aperture on the fisheye to max and start shooting in bulb mode.  Some exposures actually last for 1 sec.. So most of the shots actually came out overexposed :(  The funny part is when I send it to develop.  Photohub was a bit shocked to see there is still 220 format film... hahaha.. luckily they accepted the roll but at double price of 120 (since equal to 2 rolls).  I scanned the neg myself as I dun expected much from this roll.

Still, managed to get some interesting shots from the expired film... Especially the panning shots.   You can see more at my facebook album :)

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