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车小小! (Small Car)

Was video conferencing that day so asked my daughter what she wants this time when I'm back from SG.  So she said in Chinese.  I want a car!!! errr.... my face a bit want to cry like dat... she seems to know not possible so change tactic... “小小! 我要车小小!”.  And at the same time putting her hands together just in front of her face as a gesture how small the car she want to have. (super cute hehe)

Ooo toy car lah!  Not a problem.  then she followed in a mixture of Thai and Chinese.  "I want See Shampoo!" Which means pink colour...

Err... Small toy car and needs to be pink... challenging to find one liao.

Lucky that day saw one in Parkway.  hehe.. Hope can pass :P  

Ah Boy can turn easily now and enjoy his sister's companion.  Although wife did mentioned that they are a bit rough in their little games.. Boy also a bit greedy like me... hehehehe.. wify says when he sees my wife is eating.  He would watch intensively and mimic my wife's mouth movements.. like want to join in also...  That day while his sis is drinking milk, he grabbed his sister's finger to suck on... haha.. soon got bottle fight liao.

One more week and I will be back in Thailand again.   Need to find a gift for ah boy too or else wife say I bias towards Jie Jie.....

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