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I have not been posting as I was recently swarmed with work in office.  Our company recently launched a new service managment system and we are still in the transition and training period of this new software.

Sad to say although the instructions (there are documentations) are clear but we are kind of being bombarded with information and things to learn.  The good thing is every 12 hours shifts ends quickly in a breeze but every night at the end of the shift, I was so shacked out that I just head to bed. They say when you hit 30s you start to feel this drag and I am literally living in it now.  How I wish I am 10 years younger in my prime :P

Anyway, I have lots of things to update for this site and I plan to do soon after I come back from Melaka.  Yup, I'm going for a weekend trip with my photog buddies in Melaka to relief some stress.

Will be back on Sunday night.  Hope I will have some energy to complete some posts when I'm back....

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