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The Working Lady Issue - Part 2

Part 1 covers the first part of the Working Lady Myth...  Part 2 actually applies to not only working ladies but those people who had used a fake passport to come into the country.

I know it may sound wierd to most Singaporean's that there are people using fake passport to come into our country.  This is not rare especially in other countries, where its so easy to create a fake identity.

Some reasons that these ladies chose to use a fake identiy.

1) There are from countries that their gahment(eg are Myanmar, Laos, Camboida) do not allow their ladies to come to SG or other countries officially to work as working ladies.  These girls normally go to Thailand or other countries to make fake passport to come here to work.

2) They are scared of the so called 2 year ban which our dear gahment tried to impose.

3) It's not a glorious job and they wish to hide their true identity.

4) They are stateless (like my wife)

and etc.

So if your partner DID use a fake passport to come to SG to work before then its bad luck.  The only official channel is to go clean and declare that she did used a fake passport to come into SG to work before.  This would actually impose an immediate ban on her current passport.  (She would be caught at the immigration point if she comes during this period.)  To declare, you need to inform the officer at the ICA building on the old passport she first used in SG and the new (true) identity.  After that, according to Mr K is to keep appealing this ban.

If you have got married or has a kid, it might be easier to get the appeal, if not it will take a much longer time.  

Mr K, who had this predicament finally managed to appeal after a 2 years wait.  His friend who did the same was luckier, only 1 year.  SO the important thing here is NEVER give in.   Keep trying and you will get what you want in the end.  

I hope this series of info do help some brothers who need help in this as I have really received a lot of emails about this over the time.  Some of them I actually met in Maesai had this issue too.  And my sincere thanks to Mr K for sharing this info.  (You know who you are!)


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