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Yashica EZF521

My first film camera was a Yashica SLR.  Can't exactly really remember the model as it was passed to me by my father when I was in Primary 6.  

Nevertheless, its a brand that was stuck in my head for quite some time.  Yashica (the brand) was bought over by some Hong Kong company and they started to come out with some digital cams. 

Recently, they came out this "Digital Holga" version which has some really cool features.  And the lens seems to be modable (its held only by 2 screws).  And the best part is it runs on 3 AAA battS!!  No need to hunt for hard to find CR123 or CR2 batts..

I saw some sample shots and of course the price was attractive too (less than SGD 200 with shipping) .  I got one immediately from japan exposure.  The first one came faulty (it was stuck in PC cam mode), so I need to returned it.  (talk about the poor QC in China).  The new just came a week before my trip to Melaka.  (Many thanks to Dirk of japan exposure on the quick shipping) And so I carried it with me for the trip.  It was the only digital camera I brought along but it was quite fun to use it. 

The LCD sucks and the preview on the images looks horrible.  But the camera actually produces surprisingly quite sharp and contrasty images.  Here's some samples :)



You can view more of the shots taken by this camera at my facebook album

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