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Encountered another Car Bully (Funny)

This happened today and its so interesting that I have to quickly note it down.  I went to Chinatown in the morning with 2 colleagues to do some photography street shoot.  Then since my pay is out.  I dropped by Golden Mile Complex to TT my monthy income to my wife.

Was walking down Beach Road towards Concourse and passing the carpark gate of Golden Mile Cinema Complex when I heard a loud "BEEP".

Jolted so I stopped and a White Honda Hatcback zoom pass me, inches away from where I stand.  Furious on such display of dangerous driving, I immediately kick the car with my feet.  The driver (big fat ugly 20 plus guy) stopped and opened his door and ran out to confront me.

Practically he was shouting verbal abuses loudly and screaming at me for kicking his car.  I talk backed nicely and asked him why he drives so dangerously and he pushed the matter aside by saying the road is your father's one ah (in hokkien of course)continued to say I vandalised his car and want to call police.  So I retorted and ask him to call police then as I feel he is also threatening my safety by being abusive, moreover the road also does not belong to him anyway :P  (I think I was being cheeky anyway and he could not stand it.)  The next thing is his friend came out to confront me too and so I say are you two going to punch me or what?  And the driver loudly declared.  "If this is not Singapore, I already punch you one, but I call police, when police come you better pay up!!"  "Wah, I so scared!" I said... hehehe.  

Then come the interesting part.  Out of the blue, 3 Ah Bengs came out from no where with badges on their shirt and confronted the driver.  One of them came towards me and show me his ID and say CID... hahah plain clothes police!  The chap say they heard some commotion and asked me what happened so I told him the truth.  While I was chatting with him, the other two suddenly spotted a suspicious item in his car.  A bloody extendable night stick!! Ho Seh Liao!  Illegal weapon!  The plains clothes policeman questioned the driver why he has such a device, want to "Pa Lang" (Hit people) is it.  The driver no longer shouting liao..  became a small little dog like that and kena questioned by the 2 policeman.  Then suddenly more plain clothes policeman!!! haha more than 10 of them IIRC.  One of the Ah Beng called a blue shirt chap (around my age but has a mostache) Sir and informed him about this incident.  Think the is the captain of the team and he spots a long tail hair one leh... Ma Cham Gangster.. He questioned the driver first and actually more interested in his weapon rather then my incident.  Then he say to the driver, "Ohhh, you call police liao har.. can can.. but your item here is illegal one hor. Why u carry?"  The driver gave an explanation (more like an excuse) say that he travel to JB often and he need this for protection.... hmmm.... 

So anyway, the blue shirt chap came to me and ask me did the driver used the stick in front of me anot.  So i just say no and inform him I did not know he was carrying such a device anyway.  Then he ask me why I kick his car and I explain to him exactly what happened and he believes me (naturally) .  Then he ask for my IC and both the driver and his companion IC also.  And proceeded to make some calls (Background check .. hahaha ... me sure clean, the driver I dunno liao lo)

So 10 mins later, the policeman came and the blue chap brief them.  So the uniform policeman asked me again the whole incident and he told me that there are 2 ways to sort things out.  First, I did kick his car and dirtied his car (got my footprint leh! hehe) but damage is not big enough so if I don't say sorry, he need to pass my particulars to the driver and vice versa so he can proceed to civilian court to "settle" with me.  So its either I say Sorry or Court Case but initiated by him.

Say Sorry?? hahah no problem as I find I in better position.  So I say I no problem with saying sorry but he dun even want to listen or accept my apology how?? So the policeman say he will talk to him.

So in the end, I still say Sorry to him and he LL accepted it.  (I think in the heart he want to tear me apart liao.. HAHAHA) but I am so bloody happy.  Because after I said sorry and happily walking away from the scene.  This joker and his friend were asked to stay behind.  As he will be questioned for possessing a dangerous and illegal concealment weapon.  I did not know if he got charged or arrested but most probably his weapon will be confiscated and given a warning. (I think the policeman told him he will let the other charge go if he let me go too.. :P)

What a day!  The one who called the police in the end got into more trouble.  And yeah, I think the policeman is right that I should not have kicked his car.  But he himself brought this to himself.  In Chinese 自作自受!

PS. Come to think of it... I think he was trying to make me throw the first punch but I never bother.  I always win my argument as I don't believe in violence or verbal abuse.  And lucky he never use that night stick on me or else I think I will be writing this in a hospital... :P


HH Lee said...

Wah funny man! Anyway the one who bark loudest always is the coward. I bet he will not beat you up one lah. PS I bet he won't dare to stop the car if he was alone in the car. But what happened at the end of the day quite funny man.

Cool said...

Hahahaha are just 'like' me...let the opponent do the talking until all weapons out and no more left..and thats when we're in a better position to 'hit' back...without loosing any sweat.