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The first sunrise of the year.


I took this just this morning at my usual spot (about 10mins walk from my house).  I did regret having not bring my Hassy to Thailand to capture this scene.  This shot was taken with my Sony A900 and it has been a while I have been shooting digital.  For the last quarter in 2009.  I was shooting film more often then digital, especially for serious landscape work.  The scene above is tweaked actually to give a more bluish and purple tone.  The orginal is actually a bit flat but I am quite please with this digital version actually.

And some readers did mentioned I have not posted more photos of my ah boy.  Here's one just an update for all on how he has grown.. This photo kinds of give me the same response and feeling when I took the photo above.  Just plain Happiness :P

Not going to write too much... want to spend more time with them now.


HH said...

Hi the picture of ah boy remind me of the one with you in the same post! Put it side by side leh.

gerald said...

boy boy is very cute

lccg said...

great shot