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Viva La Vida! - PSB Domino Dancing Style

Ok.  Fanboy post here again for the Pet Shop Boys.  They are great at doing covers.  Their list of covers includes

Always on my mind by Elvis
Go West by the Village People
Where the streets have no names by U2
Always on my mind by Sterling Void.

I pretty like all of them as they managed to turn these classic rock and ballads to something dancy and poppy.. haha.. I'm more of a poppy guy.  Especially the U2 melody which they mixed the song with I can't take my eyes off you.... brillant stuff.

So the recent christmas while in thailand I was surfing the web and found out they did it again with another cover.  Viva La Vida by Coldplay.  Actually the song was already performed on their tour recently but it was so well received that they throw the song in their special Xmas EP album.

Basically the title means Long Live Live in English.   The song bascially is about a King who lost his power to rule... And what they did was again brillant stuff... merging my favourite song Domino Dancing into the song.  Here's the radio edit version of the song... Watch them all fall down!


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HH said...

Wah PSB still hanging in there. Heard A-AHA is doing a come back concert! Old man making a come back man.