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Busy Weekend

Last weekend was full of activities.  I was working Night shift all the way since last Wednesday.  Our office will be renovated and our data centre was shifted to a new location (actually just next door)

It was hectic.  All sorts of issues,funny incidents and bloody cock ups... Anyway, the official shift was on Saturday and since I was on night shift, I managed to "siam" (escaped) this major event.  Instead of catching some Zs during daytime.   I made a mistake and went to the airshow 2010.  Main reason was to see the A-10 Thundervolt II.  My all time favourite war plane :P  Its pretty cool but I got sun burnt... :P

You can check out the photos from my facebook by clicking on the photo below.

Singapore Airshow Album

So came back from the airshow, took a bath, rest a bit and went back office to work.  Wa... Office was in chaos and there were serveral issues. 

On Sunday, our HK team decided to have a little steamboat party in office as it will be the last time we get to see our office as the whole room and furnitures would be tore down for something new.  Took my Diana F+ and instanx back to shoot some Polaroids for the event.  Then we started to do some "creative" stuffs by posing in silly positions... 

Steam boat event at office with Diana F+ and Instanx back

Over in Thailand side.  Wife complaining ah girl very naughty :P Used the scissors to cut our kitchen table cloth.... We had a short video conference and I tried to chat with her but she seems a bit nonchalant.. not sure what really happened.. Need to find out more.

Ah boy can crawl liao and not feeling that well.  Wife said they are doing the buring again (same old shit we get here from Indonesia) and its getting worse.  So ah boy has started coughing on Saturday and a bit feverish today. Wife sent him to the clinic again... hiaz...

2010 seems like not a very good year for us.  Chinese New Year is coming, hopefully can bring us some better news....

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