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I see Strollers...

First of all, I wish to declare that I have nothing against strollers.  In fact, I have bought one myself even before my daughter was born (no thanks to my wife's constant bickering).  And sincerely, I only used it once or twice as my girl would never want to sit in it.... maybe Ah boy will be different.

Its actually good to have one if you are walking in the park or going some place which needs a lot of walking or moving around.  As it does have compartments for you to off load baby necessity items on it.  Such as diapers and milk bottles.  I sincerely think they should be an age limit to kids using a stroller.  And the reason I say this is because I get to see ridiculous situation of Singaporean parents taking their 6 or 7 year old kids in a stroller.  Pushing them around like nobody business... This is not healthy at all for the kids.  Can't they walk?

When I told some friends of my observations, they were a bit shocked and skeptic of what I say.  So I was lucky that day when I went to the airshow.  As there were tons of kids in different varieties and styles of strollers that I could not help myself and started taking photos of them.  I find them more interesting than the planes that were on display... So here are some of the highlights...

 First we have the old classics!  I used to sit in one too until I was 3... Think my parents gave it to someone else once I could run... Wonder how old is that girl.... looks like 5 to me...


Next we have another varient of the old classic with the sun shades down.  Check out the happy kid in it!


Next we have the tray attached.  This allows the kids to eat or place their toys while their parents/guardian push them.


If you have twins or 2 kids.  We can have the double deckers!!! Looks so cool and that huge wheels...


And here is the newer strollers with removable bags that you could carry addtional stuff in it.. The seat is also foamed and cushion to give a more comfortable ride..


I won't be surprise if 3 years down the road the kid in the stroller will be the same size as his brothers.  We already live in a very comfortable environment and we are still pampering our next generations.. How are they going to serve the NS and defend our country?


And for the finale.  One of the most ridiculous scene I saw.

The kid and his family was on the same shuttle bus as I was and I actaully followed them to the showground to take this shot.  All the way, this boy was in the stroller!! Even from the bus which his parents or guardian lifted him down the bus.  And there's nothing wrong with him as I clearly saw him playing his little PSP on the bus.

I'm not sure what the parents were thinking.  Its just plain stupid and sad to see these kids being trapped in a stroller.... I know its tiring and tough to bring kids out for a trip (my own girl is hyper and I know!)  But that's also the fun part isn't it?


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HH Lee said...

These kids are just plain lazy and spoilt. I see Japanese Primary student walking to school by himself. Here parents not only must dive their kid to school, the insist of stopping right inside the school. I see traffic jams because of these selfish behaviour.